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Insurance Company Information

Entity: INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE S.A., BRANCH IN SPAIN. Mar de Cristal Building, Arequipa Street No. 1, 3rd Floor, Esc. 2, 3, and 4, 28043 Madrid. Phone: +34 93 228 75 00. Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 42,193, Folio 119, Sheet B-403,484. Tax Identification Number A-W0171985E.

Inter Partner Assistance S.A., Branch in Spain operates in Spain under the establishment right and is subject to the supervision and control of the Ministry of Economy and Business through the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds. It is registered in the Register of Insurance Entities with the key E0196. Furthermore, it is informed that in the event of the liquidation of this Insurance entity, Belgian regulations would apply, as INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE S.A., with registered office at Avenue Louise, 166 Bte 1.1050 Brussels (Belgium), is the parent company.

When the distribution of insurance contracts is carried out directly by the insurance company, it is informed that the company’s commercial employees do not receive any remuneration for such distribution, which we inform you in compliance with the regulations on insurance distribution.

Likewise, we inform you that the insurer does not provide advice regarding the insurance products marketed.

Complaint Instances

Procedure for Complaints and Claims Resolution

In accordance with the provisions of Order ECO/734/2004, INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE, S.A. BRANCH IN SPAIN has a Customer Service Department for the management of complaints and claims filed by the policyholder, the insured, or their beneficiaries, or third parties affected, which may arise from the application of the insurance contract.

Complaints and claims can be submitted in writing to the Customer Service Department located in Barcelona, at 161 Tarragona Street, 08014, or via email addressed to

The insurer’s response time will be two months from the receipt of the complaint or claim.

If this period elapses without a response from the insurer, or in case of dissatisfaction, you may file the complaint or claim with the Complaints Service of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds, located in Madrid, at 44 Paseo de la Castellana, 28046.

For insurance policies contracted in Catalonia and in compliance with the provisions of Law 22/2010, of July 20, on the Consumer Code of Catalonia, you may also contact the information phone number 93 299 51 42.

Applicable Jurisdiction

The Insured and INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE S.A., BRANCH IN SPAIN, submit to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction for the purposes of this contract as indicated in the Specific Conditions of the policy. The competent court for actions arising from this contract shall be

the one at the Insured’s domicile.

Applicable legislation and Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds

-Law 50/1980, of October 8, on Insurance Contracts.

-Law 20/2015, of July 14, on the organization, supervision, and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities.

-Royal Decree 1060/2015, of November 20, on the organization, supervision, and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities.

– Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data. – Law 59/2003, of December 19, on Electronic Signatures.

-Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

-Law 22/2007, of July 11, on the distance marketing of financial services intended for consumers.

– DIRECTIVE (EU) 2016/97 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of January 20, 2016, on insurance distribution.

-Royal Legislative Decree 7/2004, of October 29, approving the consolidated text of the Legal Statute of the Insurance Compensation Consortium

Any other regulation that may be applicable during the life of the policy. The Insurance Company is subject to the supervision of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds, which depends on the Ministry of Economy of Spain.

Financial and solvency situation of the insurance company

The financial and solvency report of the insurance company belonging to the AXA Group is available to the insured of the entity and the general public through the link: [AXA 2019 Annual Report](

Travel Assistance and Cancellation Insurance

Insurance Product Information Document

Company: Inter Partner Assistance S.A. Branch in Spain Member State of registration: Spain, Arequipa Street, 1, 3rd floor, Esc. 2,3 and 4, Mar de Cristal Building. 28043 Madrid. Insurance Key E-0196 Product: 000279200 AXA Stays

The information in this document provides a summary of the main coverage and exclusions. It does not take into account the specific conditions of each Insured. The complete pre-contractual and contractual information regarding the product is provided in other documents.

What does this type of insurance entail?

It is a travel assistance insurance aimed at groups and/or individuals residing in Spain who travel anywhere in the world according to the specifications of the contract certificate.

What is insured?

  • Transportation and medical repatriation of injured and ill persons, and deceased: Included.
  • Dispatch of a professional driver: Included.
  • Private Liability Insurance: up to €60,000
  • Early return due to death
  • of a family member, or due to serious damage to
  • Main residence or premises: Included.
  • Transmission of urgent messages: Included.
  • Cancellation of reservations: up to €2,000.
  • Theft or damage to luggage: up to €600
  • Unenjoyed holidays: up to €2,000
  • Sending forgotten items at the hotel: Included.

What is not insured?

  • Intentions by the insured, suicide, or intentional acts.
  • Chronic or pre-existing illnesses with decompensation or exacerbations before the policy is issued.
  • Psychic, mental, or nervous illnesses, or due to the ingestion of any toxic substances.
  • In case of war, demonstrations and popular movements, natural disasters, epidemics, or pandemics.
  • For practicing adventure sports and risks or competitions not covered by the policy.
  • Theft or loss. Expenses for prostheses, orthoses, glasses, contact lenses.

Are there any restrictions regarding coverage?

  • Trip cancellation: specific reasons.
  • Transportation or repatriation: up to the place of usual residence.
  • Childbirth and pregnancies, except for unforeseen complications in the first seven months.
  • Valuable items: 50% of the insured sum for the entire luggage in case of theft.
  • Theft of property: the insured must file a report with the authorities.
  • Early return due to damages at the main residence or premises: fire, water leak, or gas leak.

Where am I covered?

The coverage of this insurance extends to Spain, Andorra, France, and Portugal, depending on the insured’s contracted destination.

What are my obligations?

Under nullity of the contract:

  • Pay the price of the insurance.
  • That the information provided for the contracting of the insurance is truthful.

In case I need to use the insurance:

  • To inform the Insurer of any incident.
  • To provide the documentation required by the Insurer: airline tickets, invoices and other supporting documents.
  • Immediately transmit to the Insurer all notices, summons, summons, letters, summons and, in general, all judicial or extrajudicial documents that are addressed to the Insurer or to the party causing the event that gives rise to liability covered by the insurance.

When and how do I have to make the payments?

The method of payment will be chosen by the Insured from the options proposed in the purchase process.

When does the cover begin and end?

Regarding the cancellation cover: From the same day of contracting, provided that the insurance has been contracted on the day of the confirmation of the trip booking, or within 7 days of the same at the latest. For the rest of the guarantees, the coverage begins from the foreseen date of commencement of the trip and ends the moment the insured person has returned to his habitual residence or has been admitted to a health centre 25 km away from the aforementioned residence.

How can I cancel the contract?

The contracting party/insured person has 14 calendar days from the contracting of the insurance policy to cancel the contract as long as the following conditions are fulfilled and the policy has a duration of more than 1 month. The procedure for withdrawing from the contract must be carried out via the e-mail address of the insurance intermediary:

The Insurer shall have 14 calendar days from the date of notification of cancellation to settle the unused payment corresponding to the period between notification of cancellation and the end of the initial term of the contract. The policy holder may oppose the renewal of the contract by giving written notice to the Insurer at least one month before the end of the current insurance period.

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