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What to see in Alcossebre: Updated Guide

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What to see in Alcossebre: Updated Guide

Welcome to Alcossebre, a destination where history and nature intertwine to offer you an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for what to see in Alcossebre, this updated guide will help you discover the treasures that this charming corner of the Costa del Azahar has to offer.

What to see in Alcossebre: Updated Guide

What to see in Alcossebre: Updated Guide

1. Hermitage of Santa Lucia

The Chapel of Santa Lucia and San Benet stands 312 metres above sea level. This Valencian Baroque-style monument, dating from the late 17th century, has a simple but imposing structure, with a barrel-vaulted nave and buttresses that evoke centuries of history and devotion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it during the festivities in June and December, when the patron saints of the hermitage are honoured.

Hermitage of Santa Lucia – Hotel Alcossebre

2. Discover the Past

Next to the Hermitage, you will find the Ethnological Interpretation Centre of Santa Lucia, a cultural space that complements your visit to the nearby archaeological site.

Here, you can explore reproductions of archaeological finds, from ceramic pieces to buildings from different periods, which tell the story of Santa Lucía over the millennia. The experience culminates with an audiovisual projection that reveals the strategic importance of this place throughout history.

Ethnological Interpretation Centre – Hotel Alcossebre

3. The Best Views of Alcossebre

The Hermitage of Santa Lucia and San Benet offers a panoramic view that stretches from the Columbretes Islands to the Baix Maestrat and the Plana Alta. You can enjoy spectacular views of Alcossebre and its surroundings.

This viewpoint offers the perfect opportunity to capture the best photographs of Alcossebre.

Viewpoint in Alcossebre

4. Ebri Tower

Near the hermitage, stands the imposing Torre Ebri, located 496 metres above sea level in the Sierra de Irta mountain range. Built to protect the town from attacks by Barbary pirates and Turks, this circular tower offers impressive views stretching as far as the Ebro Delta on clear days.

Ebri Tower – Hotel Alcossebre

5. Irta Lighthouse

The Irta Lighthouse, located within the Sierra de Irta Natural Park, is a prominent landmark in the landscape of Alcossebre. Built under the 1985/89 Maritime Signals Plan, this lighthouse designed by Rita Lorite is one of the few in Spain designed by a woman.

It can be reached by a pleasant walk from Las Fuentes beach. When you get there you can take a dip in Cala Mundina.

Lighthouse of Irta – Hotel Alcossebre

6. Serra d’Irta Natural Park

It is a haven of biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. Explore its 12,000 hectares of pine forests, cliffs and coves, and discover the unique flora and fauna of this semi-arid Mediterranean area.

Enjoy a pleasant stroll through the coves of the Serra d’Irta.

Serra d’Irta – Hotel Alcossebre

7. Xivert Castle

In the foothills of the Sierra de Irta, stands Xivert Castle, a fortress of Muslim origin dating back to the end of the 11th century. With its imposing citadel, walls and towers, this castle is a vivid reminder of the region’s medieval history.

During the summer season, various dramatised routes are organised.

Xivert Castle – Hotel Alcossebre

8. San Juan Bautista Parish Church

The Parish Church of San Juan Bautista is an architectural and cultural treasure worth a visit. Built between 1736 and 1766, this church has a Latin cross floor plan and houses religious works of art and a parish museum that exhibits paintings, panels and objects of gold and silver work. Marvel at its beauty and rich history as you explore its impressive interiors.

San Juan Bautista Parish Church – Hotel Alcossebre

9. Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is one of the most emblematic monuments of Alcalá de Xivert with its 68 metres high. Do not hesitate to climb up the spiral staircase to the bell tower, with 216 steps that will take you to the height of its bells.

Bell Tower – Hotel Alcossebre

10. Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Islands Natural Park, located near Castellón, is a group of volcanic islands that emerge from the sea 27 nautical miles from Alcossebre. Formerly known as the Snake Islands, these islands, including La Grossa, La Ferrera, La Foradada and El Carallot, are home to a unique biodiversity, attracting diving enthusiasts for their rich seabed.

Protected as a Natural Park and Marine Reserve, their access is restricted to preserve their delicate ecosystem. With a volcanic origin and a flora and fauna adapted to their harsh conditions, these islands are a natural treasure of exceptional beauty.

Stay in Alcossebre

Alcossebre is much more than a tourist destination; it is a place where history and nature meet to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Book your stay at Hotel Alcossebre, the perfect hotel to spend a few days on the Costa del Azahar in Castellón. With a wide variety of activities and entertainment and an unbeatable location.

Hotel Alcossebre is located in front of the sea, on the promenade, 500 metres from the Cargador beach and the town centre.

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